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"Keeping the Latin culture and rhythm alive in Houston"
Best of Houston, Houston Chronicle, 2007

With its commitment to cultural advancement, diversity, and health, Strictly Street Salsa has been featured in over 25 occasions in local and national publications such as the Houston Chronicle, Hindawi Journal of Obesity, the Houston Press, Semana Spanish Publications and others. Below is a sample:

100 Creatives 2012: Raúl Orlando Edwards, Opera Singer and Salsa Dancer

SALSA: Saving Lives Staying Active to Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

Public Relations Foundation of Houston, 2010

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, 2010

Italy America Chamber of Commerce, 2009

Hermann Park Conservancy, 2009

Texas Obesity Reserach Center, 2009

The Source, 2008, "Houston City Guide"

Semana, 2007, "Salsa para vivir y ser feliz"

El Dia, 2005, "Raùl Orlando Edwards, un apasionado..."

Semana, 2005, "Musica y bailes para todos"

Semana, 2005, "¡Presea, Mami, Presea!"

Houston Chronicle, 2004, "Instructors teach joy/Salsa..."

Houston Chronicle, 2003, "Shared..." [page 1]   [page 2]

Semana, 2003, "Aprenda a Bailar Salsa"

El Dia, 2003, "Al Rescate Del Baile Tradicional..."

Semana, 2002, "Baila 'La Receta de la Salsa'"

Houston Chronicle, 2001, "Latin Dancers Aim to Keep..."

Semana, 2001, "Bailar Salsa, Un Sentimiento"

Semana, 2000, "Gozá tu Sabrosura"